Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Geha - Vintage Fountain Pen from Germany - Student edition

Vintage German Fountain Pen Geha Sculfuller mit reservetank
Vintage German Fountain Pen Geha Sculfuller

Geha Schulfuller Mit Reserve Tank Vintage Fountain Pen Review:

Last week I managed to add a new addition to my collection - Geha Schulfuller Vintage Fountain Pen made in Germany probably in 1980's. So exited about this pen, I decided to write my first pen review. Here it comes:

Brass clip is signed with Geha logo. Shape reminds of Pelican clip - no wonder after couple of years of competition, Pelican bought Geha Company and stopped production - Market Economy at its best :)

Cap signed "Geha Sculfuller" and "mit reservetank". Brass trim matches the clip color and appearance.

Geha Vintage Fountain Pen Gold Nib Signed
Signed Nib - Looks like gold plated
Nib is similar to many gold plated nibs nade in Germany ( Garant pens especially ), though not marked to prove it. It has Geha logo in three circles and some nice parallel geometrical lines. Mounted together with the feed, both can be unscrewed from the barrel for maintenance.

Piston plunger is made of some material similar to silicone, but a bit harder. Moves smooth inwards and backwards the barrel. I wonder what should I use to lubricate it and insure long and pleasant use.

Clear Blue Transparent Ink Window - Geha Fountain Pen
Clear Blue Transparent Ink Window
Blue color clear transparent ink window allows to monitor the amount if ink available for writing. Unlike other Vintage German fountain pens like Garant ink window is not separated by dark lines and gives the nice look of the empty pen.

Barrel end curved outside to ease the grip and help the student to remember the place fingers were last time.

Unique feature - reserve tank - push rod activation
Reserve Tank Activation Rod
Unique feature of this fountain pen is the so called "reservetank". Special section of the feed, containing small amount of ink could be used to write couple more pages when ink finishes. There is a small green rod to push inwards to release this additional "reserve" ink. As seen on the user manual - it's recommended to use the cap end to do it. Something similar to "reserve fuel" common to vintage motor bikes in Bulgaria used in 1970's.

Designed as Student Pen - Each Geha Schulfuller fountain Pen has unique number hallmarked on the barrel to prevent loss or steal.

When capped, the pen is well balanced and feels great in the hand.

If this was a high end model, the clip and the trim would have been gold plated. But I guess it was great starter fountain pen for every student these days.

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  1. I quite like that reserve ink. I was wondering though, could you upload some pictures of the whole pen and possibly a writing sample? Thanks.

    1. Hi Reddie123, the reserve tank was a clever invention, but available on this pen only. As far as I know, Pelican Company bought Geha and closed the factory to remove the competitor.

      There is a sample of how the pen writes. I'm afraid the plain copy paper is not good enough for fountain pen writing, but its the only one I've got.

    2. Thanks. That's quite a beautiful pen.

  2. I've never heard of a Geha, but that one looks really interesting. I think it's odd that the reserve tank never caught on. It sounds like a great feature for those people who are worried about running out of ink in the middle of a meeting or something.

  3. Indeed! It's a great feature to have. Maybe I would send Pelican an email to let them know the company they bought and closed had some really interesting inventions.

  4. Hi, Just want to know What brand is this pen you give away?

  5. I have this pen also, but it is a Diplomat 100 in black. (where you have Geha on the clip, this one has the Diplomat Maltese Cross logo, plus the same on a small gold inlay on the top of the cap).
    It's a screw end piston filler with a stainless nib and you can still make out the gold plating that appears to have worn off over time.
    It cost me less than £10 English, it's a fine to medium nib and it writes like a dream on good class paper. (It doesn't like cheap paper one bit, and leaves a lot of ink down with major feathering.
    Thanks for taking the time to post this for us all!