Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Leningrad Vintage Soviet Fountain Pen Accordion Filler Review

Vintage Fountain Pen Accordion Filler from Soviet Union - SOYUZ
Accordion Filling - simple and reliable
Accordion Filling is not a common thing when it comes to vintage fountain pens, but as per every basic rule there are some exceptions too.

Back in 1980's  based in Leningrad / former name of Saint Petersburg / factory produced most of the fountain pens in middle range as well as some luxury ones. SOYUZ / in Russian - СОЮЗ - Union / pens were considered the top choice when it comes to choose pen both durable and good looking.

Soyuz - Vintage Fountain Pen Accordion Filler from Soviet Union
Cap top and signed clip
Chromed cap with plastic jewel-stone like top. It was replaced with a ruby gem stone in high end models. Parallel lines along the cap. Clip shape kind of reminds of a Parker arrow, at least at its top part. Soviet people borrowed a lot of design ideas from Western countries during the communist regime after the WW2. Signed СОЮЗ at the top. Cap signed Ленинград. Владимир Илич Ленин - the leader of the Communist revolution was the most popular person for more than 70 years. For any product to be allowed to bear his name was a sign of quality appreciation and brand prestige at the same time. 

Blind cap reveals the accordion filling push button. Made transparent, its another way of telling whether there is any ink inside and what color is it. Black rubber sac is glued to the button and the connector and houses the breather tube.

Vintage Fountain Pen Accordion Filler from Soviet Union
Cap signed "Ленинград"
Electric Blue plastic barrel. Color not much used in Soviet Union, where RED was the "cult" color and more pastel tones were generally used. Special "friction" ring allows the cap to rotate without scratching the barrel. Most of the used pens  barrels have cracks due to the left thread. Accustomed to the opposite, most of the owners over-tighten it when trying to unscrew.

Hooded steel nib allows some flex, but is a little "scratchy".

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Geha - Vintage Fountain Pen from Germany - Student edition

Vintage German Fountain Pen Geha Sculfuller mit reservetank
Vintage German Fountain Pen Geha Sculfuller

Geha Schulfuller Mit Reserve Tank Vintage Fountain Pen Review:

Last week I managed to add a new addition to my collection - Geha Schulfuller Vintage Fountain Pen made in Germany probably in 1980's. So exited about this pen, I decided to write my first pen review. Here it comes:

Brass clip is signed with Geha logo. Shape reminds of Pelican clip - no wonder after couple of years of competition, Pelican bought Geha Company and stopped production - Market Economy at its best :)

Cap signed "Geha Sculfuller" and "mit reservetank". Brass trim matches the clip color and appearance.

Geha Vintage Fountain Pen Gold Nib Signed
Signed Nib - Looks like gold plated
Nib is similar to many gold plated nibs nade in Germany ( Garant pens especially ), though not marked to prove it. It has Geha logo in three circles and some nice parallel geometrical lines. Mounted together with the feed, both can be unscrewed from the barrel for maintenance.

Piston plunger is made of some material similar to silicone, but a bit harder. Moves smooth inwards and backwards the barrel. I wonder what should I use to lubricate it and insure long and pleasant use.

Clear Blue Transparent Ink Window - Geha Fountain Pen
Clear Blue Transparent Ink Window
Blue color clear transparent ink window allows to monitor the amount if ink available for writing. Unlike other Vintage German fountain pens like Garant ink window is not separated by dark lines and gives the nice look of the empty pen.

Barrel end curved outside to ease the grip and help the student to remember the place fingers were last time.

Unique feature - reserve tank - push rod activation
Reserve Tank Activation Rod
Unique feature of this fountain pen is the so called "reservetank". Special section of the feed, containing small amount of ink could be used to write couple more pages when ink finishes. There is a small green rod to push inwards to release this additional "reserve" ink. As seen on the user manual - it's recommended to use the cap end to do it. Something similar to "reserve fuel" common to vintage motor bikes in Bulgaria used in 1970's.

Designed as Student Pen - Each Geha Schulfuller fountain Pen has unique number hallmarked on the barrel to prevent loss or steal.

When capped, the pen is well balanced and feels great in the hand.

If this was a high end model, the clip and the trim would have been gold plated. But I guess it was great starter fountain pen for every student these days.

More vintage fountain pens from my collection could be found on our online store.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

How often are you reading tweets of the people you follow?

Twitter is probably one of the top 3 social sharing web sites. There are millions of tweets posted everyday. Followers numbers are counted and cherished.
I wonder how often people actually read other people's tweets?
Let's do the math. If you follow 425 people on Twitter and each one of them posts a single tweet everyday = you will need at least 4 hours a day to follow the links and see what is all about.
I doubt anyone will have so much spare time to do that. Therefore the Question - How much time do you spend to check tweets of the people you are interested in? On a daily basis ... 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Great Vintage Soviet Fountain Pen "Авторучка" - "Automatic Pen"

Vintage Bakelite Soviet USSR Fountain Pen "Avtoruchka"
Here's one of my favorite Vintage Soviet Fountain Pens: Авторучка  - means Automatic Pen. Aerometric filler: screw-piston movement. Black Bakelite barrel. Semi hooded gold plated nib. Amber color transparent ink window. Kind of reminds of a Montblanc :) Soviets often borrowed design ideas from Western Companies during the Communist Times in Eastern Europe. Cap and the body all metal - nice pattern. Luxury gift to every proud member of the Communist Party. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mechanical Pencil and Who invented it?

Mechanical Pencil and who invented it?

Propelling / Mechanical Pencil
 We all know and use the convenient mechanical pencil. It doesn't need to be sharpened after some use, so the standard wooden pencil sharpener becomes useless too. While there are leads in the tube we have nothing to worry about. Most of them come with rubber eraser at the end which make it's use a real pleasure. See how the graphite stick become wooden pencil and the wooden pencil become mechanical one. Hope to read your comments on everything writing instruments related.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vintage Fountain and Ballpoint Pens and how my collection started

Vintage Fountain Pens had a special appeal to me since I was 7 years old.

Vintage Fountain Pen Collection - First One
Garant Nylor Bakelite Fountain Pen
My Grandfather had an GARANT Nylor. The Black Bakelite was one of the objects I touched and holded with great pleasure. Years after, all the characteristics of this pen are now in my head: transparent ink window. Blind cap removes and reveals the piston filler. Gold plated clip and trim. 14 carat gold plated signed nib. Bakelite cap and barrel.

The pen itself is a long gone, but the same pen model is standing proudly in my collection now. I wonder if there was a different item from the world of the adults at convenient place to reach, would it Vintage Fountain Pens collecting be my hobby? The answer is clear to see. It's those memories from my childhood that keeps me doing this.
Though the ballpoint pens are much more popular. They are easy and cheaper to produce, therefore the greater variety of shapes, colors and materials used. You could visit the How the ballpoint was invented page for more detailed info.