Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vintage Fountain and Ballpoint Pens and how my collection started

Vintage Fountain Pens had a special appeal to me since I was 7 years old.

Vintage Fountain Pen Collection - First One
Garant Nylor Bakelite Fountain Pen
My Grandfather had an GARANT Nylor. The Black Bakelite was one of the objects I touched and holded with great pleasure. Years after, all the characteristics of this pen are now in my head: transparent ink window. Blind cap removes and reveals the piston filler. Gold plated clip and trim. 14 carat gold plated signed nib. Bakelite cap and barrel.

The pen itself is a long gone, but the same pen model is standing proudly in my collection now. I wonder if there was a different item from the world of the adults at convenient place to reach, would it Vintage Fountain Pens collecting be my hobby? The answer is clear to see. It's those memories from my childhood that keeps me doing this.
Though the ballpoint pens are much more popular. They are easy and cheaper to produce, therefore the greater variety of shapes, colors and materials used. You could visit the How the ballpoint was invented page for more detailed info.